Did you know there are 6 million young adults without education beyond a high school diploma who are looking for good jobs, and over the next decade 12 million jobs will go unfilled due to a lack of skilled talent in our workforce? This is what is referred to as an opportunity divide, and we’ve found a great organization that is helping provide a bridge. Year Up is helping one group find the other and offer a permanent solution to a chronic problem by putting young urban adults on a path to success. You can find out more about how Year Up is empowering young people to reach their potential in the video above and in our FutureWork piece, ‘A Year Up’ Is Redefining Talent in the 21st Century, directed by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Barbara Kopple. More in WorkingNation’s FutureWork series: FutureWork: A Story of Yesterday & Today FutureWork: Model of the Future FutureWork: The Olympics of Robotics