Disclosing Disabilities

Workplace Realities: Disclosing Physical and Mental Health Disabilities

A WorkingNation original film on the power of disclosure in fostering a thriving work environment

To disclose or not to disclose: That is the question discussed in this new short WorkingNation film Workplace Realities: Disclosing Physical and Mental Health Disabilities, featuring three co-workers at Cadmus Group – Josh Christianson, Devin Boyle, and Lex Huth.

With a commitment to diversity and equity, Cadmus Group fosters a workplace environment in which each colleague’s personal journey is valued.

Through candid anecdotes, we hear the challenges and triumphs of disability disclosure, including hidden mental health disabilities which many employees and employers have been reluctant to discuss openly.

Devin Boyle discusses her journey with Bipolar II disorder, shedding light on the evolving societal acceptance of mental health disabilities. Her openness about substance abuse associated with the mental health condition underscores the importance of addressing co-occurring challenges in the workplace culture.

Josh Christianson reflects on his journey with major depressive disorder and the liberating effect of embracing one’s disability.

Lex Huth recounts her experience during an accelerated master’s program at Carnegie Melon as she was slowly loosing her vision. She explains how she disclosed her condition and successfully completed the program and was employed for a time. Lex also talks about the impact of not revealing her compulsive-obsessive disorder in another workplace and the difference it has made to her and her employer to be able to discuss it freely at Cadmus.

Their personal stories demonstrate the positive impact of disclosure on workplace inclusivity and understanding.

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