To give public radio listeners in Southern Oregon and Northern California a taste of what is to come when work meets head-on with automation, WorkingNation’s Joan Lynch said that jobs will be lost but there will be opportunities for workers if they have the adaptable skills for the future.

Lynch, the Chief Content and Programming Officer for WorkingNation, was a guest on Jefferson Public Radio along with economist Guy Tauer of the Oregon Employment Office, to talk about our mission to inform the public about the changes in the workforce brought on by technology.

She mentioned the importance of public and private collaboration to improve the skills of the workforce and how WorkingNation amplifies the solutions offered at the state and local level.

“We don’t see it as a Republican or Democrat issue. We see this as an American issue. There are plenty of communities we have gone to, to highlight these solutions,” Lynch said.

She said that WorkingNation is getting people to understand the issues affecting both employers and workers to bridge the gap between them through effective and impactful documentary storytelling. By understanding the language at the workforce level, it opens the door to more conversation about these solutions.

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