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Are you ready for the future of work?

Our latest WorkingNation animated film looks at the changing workplace and the skills you need for a good job.
The workplace landscape continues changing at an astoundingly rapid pace. Our latest animated film looks at the changing workplace and the skills you need for a good job. Learning new skills and highlighting transferable skills will pave the way for workers to find new opportunities, including in jobs and careers that haven't yet been imagined.

We are right now in the middle of the largest workplace transformation in history, but it’s not because of a lack of jobs. It’s because of a lack of people with the right skills. New grads in dozens of fields are entering the workplace, crippled in debt, and lacking the right kind of training. The once assured pathways to employment are now – out of step with the demands of the workplace of today and tomorrow, but it’s not all doom and gloom out there.

For those who are motivated, there are millions of opportunities to flourish in the new economy.

In the next decade, the workforce will need 18% more financial managers, and 30% more medical technicians, and 108% more wind turbine operators. Businesses of tomorrow want new hires with transferrable skills, apprentices and industry-approved certifications.

Retraining and constant learning are essential in the future workplace. Mechanics now need to be skilled to work with the computers found in new vehicles. Freight haulers need to be computer literate to follow routes. Team assemblers need to work hand in hand with robots. Stacking your skills and earning your credentials is essential.

The capacity to learn new skills will open doors to jobs that can’t even be identified yet. The only way our economy is going to thrive in the future is when educational institutions, workers, and employers join together. Chances are, you’ll have more than 12 different jobs in your lifetime. This is the revolution. It’s changing our lives. It will fundamentally change the way we work. Are you ready?

FutureProof & Slope of the Curve is our signature digital series that shines the spotlight on the most innovative initiatives helping to train and re-skill Americans for the most in-demand jobs now and in the future.

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