Seda Goff on female veteran entrepreneurship

Seda Goff on helping bridge the gap of investment capital to female veteran entrepreneurs.

In the last 6–10 years, female veteran entrepreneurship grew closer to 295 percent. Yet in that same amount of time, only 2 percent of investment capital has gone to female entrepreneurs in general. Seda Goff explains how The PenFed Foundation is helping bridge the gap of investment capital to female veteran entrepreneurs.

Seda suggests to military veterans who want to be entrepreneurs, “You have the personal personality traits to become an amazing entrepreneur. You have the grit, the work ethic, the perseverance, and you’ve learned skillsets along the way that are immensely transferrable into the commercial sector to help solve problems.”

Seda leads the Veteran Entrepreneur Investment Program at The PenFed Foundation where she helps to bridge the gap of investment capital to military veteran entrepreneurs by providing development, funding, and a platform to grow through a force multiplier approach and for veteran entrepreneurs to support other veteran entrepreneurs through their successes. She volunteers as City Leader for Bunker Labs and was previously at Capitol Post in Alexandria, VA and founded Lighthouse Global Business to guide international entrepreneurs and US-based start-ups looking to build or expand their businesses. She is also an Adjunct Professor at American University’s Kogod School of Business where she teaches Intro to Entrepreneurship and Business 1.0.1.

Organized by America’s Warrior Partnership, the Warrior Community Integration Symposium is an opportunity to share best practices, find innovative solutions, and form new collaborative partnerships to better help the veterans in their communities address the work challenges they sometimes encounter when making the transition to civilian life. 

WorkingNation set up its cameras at the Symposium and interviewed the speakers and attendees about the important issue of helping veterans deal with workforce challenges. You can follow the conversation on our social media under the hashtag #WorkingNationOverheard.

Read more about the event here.

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