Jason Wright on creating a welcoming work environment for veterans

Jason Wright explains how he helps to create a welcoming work environment for veterans.

He’s an Army Vet who now helps more than 200 companies hire, retain and develop veteran employees. Check out the video and get advice from Jason Wright, Vice President of Military and Veterans Affairs for JPMorgan Chase & Co., on creating a welcoming work environment for veterans.

Jason oversees the Veteran Jobs Mission, a coalition of more than 200 companies committing to hiring, retaining and developing veteran employees and manages the firm’s relationships across the private and nonprofit sectors, government and higher education on issues of veteran employment and workforce development.

“Really our main focus is to gather leading companies, Fortune 500 companies together, and really just pull our resources, share our lessons learned, share our best practices, like what our pain points have been, and not just around veteran talent strategy, but our overall HR talent strategy, and leverage all those together, because we recognize that veterans are just one piece of what makes our company successful, Jason tells us about the Veterans Jobs Mission.

A veteran of the U.S. Army, Jason served as an infantry officer, completing deployments as a platoon leader, executive officer and supporting operations. He continues to serve as a military intelligence officer in the Army Reserves.

Organized by America’s Warrior Partnership, the Warrior Community Integration Symposium is an opportunity to share best practices, find innovative solutions, and form new collaborative partnerships to better help the veterans in their communities address the work challenges they sometimes encounter when making the transition to civilian life. 

WorkingNation set up its cameras at the Symposium and interviewed the speakers and attendees about the important issue of helping veterans deal with workforce challenges.  You can follow the conversation on our social media under the hashtag #WorkingNationOverheard.

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