Amy Kissam-Sands on the value veterans add to companies

Amy Kissam-Sands knows discusses the important skillsets veterans bring to the workplace.

Amy Kissam-Sands knows firsthand from working with veterans in the healthcare industry the important skillsets they bring to the workplace. Assets, she says, that need to be in the cultures of our companies.

“I think that once people understand the value, the experience that they have — the leadership, the teamwork, the discipline — all of those are criteria and qualities that any organization would love to have. I think they’re culture builders. I really do. And I think we have to find the right jobs for them that really empower them for their next level in life.”

After more than 20 years of senior-level management experience, working in global Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) and serving on the Clinical Strategy Board for TransCelerate BioPharma INC and as a Co-Chair for the CRO Forum, Amy stepped down to focus full-time on her philanthropy efforts.

She is currently an Advisory Board member of Upstate Warrior Solution and The Warrior Alliance working to help accelerate initiatives that support veterans during their service and as they transition into civilian life and employment.

Organized by America’s Warrior Partnership, the Warrior Community Integration Symposium is an opportunity to share best practices, find innovative solutions, and form new collaborative partnerships to better help the veterans in their communities address the work challenges they sometimes encounter when making the transition to civilian life. 

WorkingNation set up its cameras at the Symposium and interviewed the speakers and attendees about the important issue of helping veterans deal with workforce challenges. You can follow the conversation on our social media under the hashtag #WorkingNationOverheard.

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