A multigenerational workforce is a stronger workforce

A conversation with Marci Alboher, vice president, Encore.org

Workplace technology has changed drastically — these days, even the coffeemakers can think for themselves. Faced with upskilling or reentering the job market, many mid-lifers will admit to feeling a certain amount of anxiety.

“I think there’s this collective anxiety in the air of people who are entering middle age in this what is now extended middle-age period thinking, ‘How am I gonna stay relevant? How am I gonna have the skills, the endurance that I need to work as long as I’m going to need to work, and how am I going to compete and collaborate alongside younger people?'”

Marci Alboher, Encore.org VP (Photo: Encore.org)

That’s Marci Alboher, vice president of Encore.org, a nonprofit focused on innovating new ways to harness the skills and talents of older adults to improve society.

Alboher and I sat down recently to discuss how to better train, then integrate older adults into the workforce, and the value to everyone — employers, workers, and co-workers — of a multigenerational workplace.

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Episode 108: A Multigenerational Workforce is a Stronger Workforce
Host: Ramona Schindelheim, WorkingNation Editor-in-Chief
Producer: Anny Celsi
Executive Producers: Joan Lynch, Melissa Panzer, and Ramona Schindelheim
Music: Composed by Lee Rosevere and licensed under CC by 4.0.

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