This is MUST SEE TV for any and every veteran, their families, friends — their entire “ecosystem.” With more than 250,000 veterans transitioning every year from military to civilian life, it’s one of the nation’s hottest topics. Highlights from the recent Town Hall meeting Keeping America’s Promise, organized by WorkingNation, will air Dec. 15-17 on Hiring America, the only television show created and devoted to giving veterans transitioning to civilian life the tools, information and direction to find meaningful jobs and careers. The 30-minute special features a panel discussion with some of America’s top corporate and veteran organization employment experts. The original event — capsulized in the TV show — was held in front of a live audience at the George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas. The program can be seen on nearly 200 TV stations nationwide and the American Forces Network. RELATED STORY: Preview WorkingNation & Hiring America’s TV special on hiring veterans “The Town Hall meeting was an incredible exchange of ideas and meaningful, impactful dialogue,” said Art Bilger, founder and CEO of WorkingNation. “It proved to be a great way of sharing insights on how we can best deliver on the promise of a good life/good career and job for those who have served in the military. I’m thrilled we can share this with millions of TV viewers.” Panelists included former U.S. Army Chief of Staff General George W. Casey, Jr. and representatives from such entities as Texas Workforce Commission, the Bush Center Military Service InitiativeIBM, 7-Eleven, Home Builders Institute, Disabled American Veterans and Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. The panels were moderated by journalist Stephanie Sy. “Every potential employer is looking for people who can problem solve, who are team players, are task directed, have solid leadership skills — and are driven to be successful,” observed General Casey. “And those qualities are found in almost all transitioning veterans.”
Ret. General George Casey Jr. spoke about the importance of veterans to use the resources available to them to help them transition to civilian careers. Photo – Jonathan Barenboim
Bottom line: They make for excellent employees. “Hiring America is very proud to be airing this show,” related Bill Deutch, creator and executive producer of Hiring America. “We think our viewers will find it very engaging and insightful” A second part of the Town Hall meeting will be aired on Hiring America in early 2018. The event was perhaps best summed up by Jeff Hall, national employment director for DAV. “A veteran wants to get up and going every day with purpose.” The town hall meeting was designed to help ensure just that. ***** Watch Hiring America’s first Town Hall episode via YouTube, their website or on syndicated television starting on Dec. 15. To see if Hiring America is available in your local television market: click here*****

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