Vivian Greentree on veterans and their networks

Warrior Community Integration Symposium: Thought leaders discuss support services and initiatives in the workforce for veterans and military spouses

Veterans have greater networks than they realize, according to Vivian Greentree, SVP, head of global corporate citizenship, Fiserv. “Your network is your net worth,” she says.

WorkingNation sat down with Greentree in Atlanta at the Warrior Community Integration Symposium – an annual convening of veteran-serving organizations hosted by America’s Warrior Partnership.

Greentree explains, “At Fiserv, we have a program called Fiserv Salutes, and that’s really engaging with the military community holistically through employment, experience, and entrepreneurship.”

She continues, “On the entrepreneurship pillar, what we’ve done is, looked at national partners like the Institute for Veterans and Military Families up at Syracuse, veteran chambers across the country, incubators at universities – shaping how veterans look at starting businesses. And really pouring our resources into creating a national network so that there’s no wrong door for a veteran or military spouse to go to for free, secure resources to help them at any stage of their ideation.”

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