Tulsa’s other pipelines: cybersecurity talent and drone engineering

Part 3: Tulsa was built on oil, but now technology is fueling the economic growth engine

What does it take to reinvent a community, revive a local economy, and reinvigorate a workforce? In this five-part Work in Progress podcast series – Destination Tulsa: Tech Hub in the Heartland – we look at how Tulsa, Oklahoma, is embracing in-demand tech industries to do just that. At the heart of the effort is a strong foundation of education, entrepreneurship, health care tech, energy tech, and cybersecurity.

There are hundreds of thousands of open cybersecurity jobs right now in the U.S. In this third episode of Destination Tulsa, we’re talking about how the city of Tulsa continues to help fill those jobs. The University of Tulsa is part of the city’s vast and experienced cybersecurity engine, producing quality graduates that are highly-trained and educated in the field. Even the nation’s intelligence and defense departments come calling for their students. Not only are there opportunities in the federal government, there is a growing demand for experts in the private sector.

We’re also talking about advanced aerial mobility technology, commonly called drones. Over the past decade and a half, Oklahoma State University has grown into a leader in drone technology and an important piece of a new aerospace market. At OSU, they’re building up an unparalleled capability to design, build, and flight-test aircraft these aircraft.

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Episode 221: Destination Tulsa – Tulsa’s other pipelines: cybersecurity talent and drone engineering
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