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The Best Degrees for College Attendees

Majoring in the right field could lead to major job opportunities after graduation

When it comes to choosing a college major, undergraduate students may be interested to know which ones are most likely to land them the highest paying jobs. Amongst the most profitable picks are computer science, engineering, nursing, and accounting. These fields are all anticipated to grow in the coming years, making these degrees very in demand.

Thinking about what your college major should be?

Consider one of these degrees which could land you a great job when you graduate.

Computer Science:

Computer and information systems manager jobs are projected to grow by 15% by 2024, making almost $90,000 a year.


Median annual pay is $84,000 with software engineering averaging a base salary of almost $100,000 a year.


A bachelor’s degree earns registered nurses almost $70,000 a year with 15% job growth by 2024.


The median salary is $70,000 with 11% job growth over the next 7 years.

College is a big endeavor – do your homework before declaring a major.

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