The March unemployment numbers don’t tell the whole story

WorkingNation's Ramona Schindelheim talks COVID-19 impact on jobs on Yahoo! Finance

The jobless numbers are changing rapidly. On Thursday, the states reported that more than ten million people had filed for unemployment claims over the past two weeks because of COVID-19 related shutdowns. The March unemployment report from the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics contained just the first inkling of the bigger picture, showing that 701,000 people lost there job in the month and the jobless rate ticked up to 4.4 percent from 3.5 percent.

The numbers will continue to climb. In May, when the April numbers are released, economists forecast the job losses to be in the millions.

On Friday, WorkingNation’s Ramona Schindelheim joined Yahoo! Finance’s Final Round with Myles Udland and Jen Rogers to discuss what lies ahead for the job market.

You can watch the interview on Yahoo! Fiance here.

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