Investing in Talent (2)

The critical work of upskilling and educating future and current workers

A conversation with Jason Tyszko, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, and Peter Beard, Greater Houston Partnership, led by journalist Hari Sreenivasan

Talent Finance is a partnership of more than 200 business organizations, nonprofits, financial institutions, and others that have come together to develop and champion new approaches for financing talent, arguing “the way we finance and invest in talent has not kept pace” with the needs of workers and employers.

The initiative is led by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation with its partners the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Greater Houston Partnership (GHP), Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, and WorkingNation and details 16 recommendations to foster change.

Two of the architects of Talent Finance – Jason Tyszko, vice president of the Center for Education and Workforce at the Chamber Foundation, and Peter Beard, senior vice president of Regional Workforce Development with GHP – join journalist Hari Sreenivasan in a conversation about the progress the initiative has made over the past two years. It also examines what still needs to be done to change the outcomes for more students, workers, and employers.

You can listen to the conversation in this Investing in Talent podcast here on this page, or wherever you get your podcasts.