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As always, WorkingNation is looking at innovative pathways to good jobs and careers, and we believe we’ve put together some interesting panels and conversations that we’d love to share with our workforce development and education community when we all gather in Austin next Spring.

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Learn-and-Earn: A Proven Workforce Model

Employer-driven programs work. Apprenticeships work. Employers work with community colleges to set a curriculum that will teach skills needed in local businesses through a combination of classroom and on-the-job learning. And, the students are paid for the work they do while gaining valuable skills. Using this model, communities across the country can develop a much-needed, skilled workforce, leading to jobs that employers need to fill.

  • Jane Oates, President, WorkingNation
  • Jamie Merisotis, President & CEO, Lumina Foundation

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Building Innovation Hubs Outside of Silicon Valley

The great 2020 migration from larger metro areas to more-affordable and less-populated cities and towns has created an opportunity for many of these mid-size and smaller communities to become tech innovation and entrepreneurial hubs of the future. Local businesses, civic leaders, foundations, and educators are teaming up to foster new tech-centric economies that will unleash new employment opportunities for all and encourage small business creation.

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Closing the Latino Digital Skills Gap

Latino workers are 14% of overall workers, but represent 35% of workers with no digital skills and 20% of those with limited digital skills. Digital skills are crucial to obtaining gainful employment and resources to support their families. We talk to leaders from various organizations providing training and education to close this skills gap and help the community thrive.

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Green Jobs Are More Abundant Than You Think

Helping the environment while helping yourself. Green jobs are one of our greatest hopes for employment growth—as environmental challenges multiply, which they will, so too does the need to meet those challenges with a wide range of skills. Green jobs extend to water management, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and infrastructure improvement, as well as jobs you may be surprised to learn are green. Here’s how to find one and get one.

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Don’t Leave Older Workers Out of the Jobs Recovery

The majority of the long-term unemployed are over the age of 45. A majority of hiring managers admit hesitating when it comes to hiring an older worker, fearing they are not tech-adaptable or might not fit into the work culture. Conversely, they say the older workers already on the job are valued employees. So, where does that leave mid-career workers trying to find a new job in the post-pandemic workforce? Let’s address this age bias directly and examine what’s being done to correct it.

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