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College Football Jobs and How to Get Them

Score a life-winning touchdown with these football jobs

Get into the game with these great careers related to the sport of football.
Do you love college football but don’t have the skills (or appropriate age) to play? Well, with thousands of college athletes actively involved in the sport each year, there are plenty of awesome jobs to be found along the sidelines, such as referees, commentators, coaches, cameramen, journalists, team managers, trainers, and event workers.

College football season is back and we are so excited for it to kick off this Saturday.

From tailgate smorgasbords to the thrill of hearing your alma mater’s fight song, there is nothing like this great American weekend tradition. But what if you want to get out of the stands and into the game?

You can. And you don’t have to throw a touchdown to do it.

Let us help you catch a job in football with these tips:


You can be in the center of the action as a referee. While this is a part-time position at all levels (even in the pros), it is a job that you can work your way up from an entry-level position near where you live.

Check with your state’s sports-governing association for how you can receive training and certifications to become a referee. And you aren’t limited to just football, the National Association of Sports Officials has an introduction to refereeing other sports as well.

Football Commentator/Broadcaster/Journalist

Sports journalism also offers many different careers related to the sport of football. Many of the faces you see on ESPN and network TV got their start grinding out stories for their local or college teams. It’s a tough everyday job and requires as much passion as those who are playing the game.

A degree from a journalism program at an accredited college or technical school is what you’ll need to land a steady sports beat, but you can get your start from different paths. If you have a talent for play-by-play and analysis, consider calling high school games for local radio or on the internet. Or if a career in sports radio is your calling, you can start today by launching your own podcast and team-oriented blog.

The pay may be low, or non-existent, but you’ll build your reputation and have a stack of clips that you can show off in your job interview. If you are interested in sports journalism jobs: click here.

Football Coach

There’s a big difference between being great at Madden compared to coaching an actual football team. Yet, knowing the game inside and out is the fundamental basis of coaching and you may have what it takes to instruct youngsters to play smart and play safe.

The path to a college football coaching career starts at the local level. Start by volunteering for youth football leagues as an assistant coach. From that point, it is a step-by-step process upward on the “coaching ladder” as you put in long hours and travel to different parts of the country to take jobs. It’s a unique lifestyle, but it comes with the rewards of winning and shaping a generation of young men. Here’s a list of available assistant coaching jobs.

If you are currently in graduate school, you can take an unpaid graduate assistant job with the football team. You’ll get the on-the-job training and may even qualify for a scholarship. Undergrads can also get in on the action by joining up with their school’s sports production team, which is the major infrastructure that supports each game day.

A Career Touchdown

Football may be only played in the Fall and Winter, but it’s a year-round commitment that takes a lot of effort. Football is America’s favorite sport and it’s a massive enterprise that brings in billions into the U.S. economy. If you have the passion that is reflected in the fans and players, then there is a spot for you wherever the game is played.

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