Sandra Salstrom on wraparound supports for STARs

A new campaign encourages employers to hire those Skilled Through Alternative Routes

What can help people without college degrees access opportunity? Tearing the paper ceiling. Companies can create opportunity for STARs, people Skilled Through Alternative Routes by eliminating the need for a college degree. A new campaign from Opportunity@Work and the Ad Council encourages companies to hire from this talent pool.

Sandra Salstrom, VP of government relations with Social Finance, says employers are leaving a lot of “rich talent on the table” when they don’t hire and train STARs. She notes support mechanisms must also be in place, “It’s not about just being able to access a training program, but to be able to get through the training program.”

Salstrom adds, “There’s a strong business case to be made for hiring STARs. Right now, there are 11 million job openings in the us economy, two workers for every job out there. People are not just looking for jobs, jobs are looking for people.”

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