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Report: Workers feel ‘under threat from technology, stress, and shifting workplace norms’

ADP Research Institute report surveys employees around the globe about what they want from their employers

Over the last four years, ADP Research Institute has annually surveyed workers around the world to learn about their on-the-job experiences, including what they want from their jobs and how their employers are treating them. The latest People at Work 2024: A Global Workforce View finds that good pay and job security are top of the list, but so is the concern that employers are not investing in the workers’ need for upskilling. The ADP report concludes that workers across the world “feel under threat from technology, stress, and shifting workplace norms.” 

Here are key takeaways from the survey:

  • Salary is a top priority for the fourth year. 
  • Inflation has reset worker expectations on pay increases. In 2024, workers anticipate pay increases of more than 5% on average. But if 2023 is any measure, people are likely to be disappointed.
  • The survey reflects a greater proportion of workers feeling secure in their jobs, but remote workers are more likely to feel like their organizations are monitoring them.
  • Additionally, workers who are unsure or concerned about the impact of AI report higher levels of job insecurity.
  • Less than half of workers surveyed feel their employer invests in the skills needed for career advancement, and almost half say the skillsets of the future will require technological knowledge that isn’t part of their current jobs.
  • Stress is taking a toll on many workers. Only 21% of respondents feel their employer fully supports their mental wellbeing.
  • Worker thoughts on environmental, social, and governance initiatives and diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts vary widely. Enthusiasm about DEI practices diverges along generational lines. Regarding ESG practices, workers seem satisfied that companies are meeting the goals those workers deem important.

The View From North America

In the U.S. and Canada, “there’s plenty for workers to be positive about, especially when it comes to those all-important demands for pay and job security, both of which are top of mind among workers in North America,” notes the report.

However, a substantial majority of men in the United States (70%) are satisfied with their salary, while only 57% of women say the same. Additionally, a smaller share of women in the U.S. (28%) than men (48%) see improvement in pay equity.

Addressing Employees’ Viewpoints

The report concludes that companies must nurture trust, manage worker expectations, and develop human capital.

Currently, according to the report conclusions, “Companies simply can’t provide certainty to workers concerned about job security, diversity, equity and inclusion, workplace stress, and pay. Instead, transparent communication will be key to navigating this transition.”

Read the full ADP Research Institute People at Work 2024, A Global Workforce View report here.

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