Reinvention calls for influx of new tech startups and support for homegrown entrepreneurs

Part 5: In our final episode, we examine how Tulsa is working to create a thriving and equitable economic base

What does it take to reinvent a community, revive a local economy, and reinvigorate a workforce? In this five-part Work in Progress podcast series – Destination Tulsa: Tech Hub in the Heartland – we look at how Tulsa, Oklahoma, is embracing in-demand tech industries to do just that. At the heart of the effort is a strong foundation of education, entrepreneurship, health care tech, energy tech, and cybersecurity.

In the final episode of our Destination Tulsa: Tech Hub in the Heartland, we examine how Tulsa is attracting tech startups to the city, how it’s encouraging homegrown talent to build their businesses in their community, and how it’s retaining that talent to create a thriving and equitable economic base.

On a recent visit to Tulsa, I stopped by 36 Degrees North, one of three downtown co-working spaces where entrepreneurs, innovators, and remote workers can come in and grab a table or a conference room, or network. One of those 36 Degrees North spaces – called the Business Incubator – is located in City Hall. You might consider it Ground Zero for Tulsa’s tech reinvention. There I met two young tech startup founders, one from Norway and one a Tulsa native. I also talked with an entrepreneur who took Tulsa Remote up on its offer of cash to move there. 

In this episode, you’ll hear from:

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Destination Tulsa: Tech Hub in the Heartland is made possible by the support of Tulsa Innovation Labs.

Episode 223: Destination Tulsa – Attracting and Retaining Tech Startups
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