Reclaiming coal country, from abandoned coal mines to organic farms

WorkingNation is looking forward to documentary called From the Ashes  – Reclaiming Coal Country: From Abandoned Mines to Organic Farms that the National Geographic Channel will air on June 25 at 9pm EST/8 pm Central. Learn More: From the Ashes documentary The Harvard Business Review reports that “profitability for U.S. coal-fired power plants has been declining and coal use has dropped radically since 2007 – a trend that is expected to continue. This reduced profitably has driven a steep cut in coal plants.” The U.S. Energy Information Administration notes that between 2010 and 2012, 14 gigawatts (GW) of coal-fired capacity was retired and that a total of 60 GW will be retired by 2020. WorkingNation is concerned about the “effect on coal workers and their families as coal mines close and one major coal company after another files for bankruptcy.” How will generations of coal workers transition their skills and continue to support their families as they are left with “pink slips and mortgages on houses with few buyers in blighted coal country?” Promising solutions are emerging as the coal industry transitions into other businesses like solar energy and organic farming, as the Great Big Story set to air will showcase. Watch a clip of the documentary above, here’s a synopsis from Great Big Story’s website: “After high school, West Virginian Chris Farley went to work in the coal mines. At first, it provided a decent living, but it soon became a precarious existence, as mines would frequently close. Now, instead of removing mountaintops, Farley helps bring the land back to life, transforming former coal mines into farms. Farley works for Refresh Appalachia, a project of Coalfield Development that provides opportunities to former coal miners in agriculture, entrepreneurship, renewable energy and other areas. Together with his trusty chickens, pigs, and a dedicated crew of hard-working farmers, Farley is part of a movement that’s helping rebuild the land.” The Great Big Story documentary was made in partnership with “From the Ashes”. You can support companies like Coalfield Development through the From the Ashes CrowdRise Campaign.