ASU+GSV Summit 2021: J.D. LaRock on entrepreneurship as a career pathway

NFTE is expanding its entrepreneurship programming beyond youth and including community college students and adult learners.

The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurs (NFTE) has a long history of inspiring youth in low-income communities to embrace entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship education—a model that starts by identifying a student’s passions and builds from there—is among the most effective ways to help students match with postsecondary and career paths that truly resonate, says J.D. LaRock, president and CEO of NFTE.

The organization has expanded its programming to include postsecondary students at community colleges and adult learners. The current college roster includes the College of St. Petersburg, College of Southern Nevada, and El Camino College.

“The focus of all three of those partnerships will be the same to work with, in this case, community college students and adults who are in those communities to learn about what all NFTE students learn about. How to take a business idea that they may have, and really research it, grow it, put a business plan around it, and ideally, even launch a business out of it,” says LaRock.

It’s of significance that entrepreneurship is a pathway for people who are rethinking their futures in response to the pandemic, notes LaRock.

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