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Advances in technology are eliminating some jobs, transforming others, and, in some cases, creating jobs we never could have imagined. The entire nature of work is changing, and there are men and women in need of training or retraining to acquire the skills employers need and want. 

So what will the future of work look like? Who is stepping in with innovative programs to prepare the new workforce? What skills are needed? Will the entire concept of education have to be reexamined and restructured to meet these evolving demands? These are just some of the questions Editor-in-Chief Ramona Schindelheim examines throughout the weekly podcast series.

Based on Emsi Burning Glass’s research on employment across the nation, each episode will highlight environmentally friendly companies, initiatives, and technologies found within each state. Listeners will better understand what constitutes a green job, and how these jobs are poised to make a significant impact on the post-COVID U.S. economy. Hosting this career-focused podcast is Jay Tipton, a former WorkingNation producer and current environment protection scholar.

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