Patrick Murphy on the urgent need for cybersecurity professionals

Stakeholders share ideas with WorkingNation Overheard at the NASWA Veterans Conference

There are nearly 750,000 open jobs in cybersecurity. The demand for workers in the field is urgent and you don’t need a tech resume to get hired.

“You do not have to be a technological wizard. You don’t have to rebuild computer modems and computers. You need a brain that works, and a heart that wants to serve others,“ according to Patrick Murphy, chairman of Task Force Movement.

WorkingNation sat down with Murphy at the NASWA Veterans Conference in Washington, D.C.

Task Force Movement is a government-business initiative to bring transitioning military members into the cybersecurity and trucking industries.

“By becoming a cybersecurity expert, by becoming a cybersecurity professional, you’ll be the tip of the spear and keeping our family safe here at home. You’ll be the tip of the spear to make sure America remains as the number one economy and the number one military in the world,” says Murphy.

“These are family-sustaining jobs. These are jobs that don’t need a four-year degree for most of them. You can get training, get an associate’s degree or some other type of training to become certified as a cybersecurity professional,” he explains.

Task Force Movement is also currently working with the Biden Administration to fill 80,000 open jobs in the trucking industry by providing scholarships for veterans and military spouses to get their commercial drivers licenses.

Murphy believes that veterans are uniquely qualified to go into the trucking profession because “they know how to operate by themselves. They know how to operate within a team, but also can be relied on, that they’re dependable.”

He goes on to provide this example. “In the military, when you’re at a certain bridge, you have to coordinate on a map, you can’t lie, you can’t because it’s life or death. Same thing in trucking. You have to be honest and open with your employers, with your coworkers, with your clients to let them know when they need to be there. So you could deliver on behalf of the American people.”

Learn more about the Task Force Movement.

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