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PATH2HappiSuccess program empowers people to find lifelong career success and happiness.
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Mark Goulston, M.D.

There is a well-known Proverb, “Where there’s a will there’s a way.”

In practicality, it’s backward. What really applies to more people, especially those who have had the “will” kicked out of them by rejections, downsizing, false promises, confusion, etc. is “Where there’s a way (that is effective and doable by normal people), people will find the will (to try it).

This is a rampant problem for college-aged students who don’t know what they want to do and end up wasting a lot of time bouncing from one major or job to another, becoming more discouraged than wiser. The same applies to downsized workers who were in the same job for many years, are not digital natives, and have to make a transition.

That is why I was thrilled to hear about Path2HappiSuccess. The program helps students determine their top career, best major and path in life, and has resulted in 70 million U.S. workers actively considering a career change. And that is what led me to sit down with Dave DesRochers, vice president of PATH2HappiSuccess.

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Dave DesRochers (Credit: Facebook)

How did you develop this idea?

The PATH2HappiSuccess concept for helping students determine their best major and transitioning adults to determine their best career evolved from Dr. Richard Ellison’s book, Career Happiness and Success. The book is based on his 40-year career founding and building three very successful, nationwide environmental consulting and engineering firms.

What huge need did you uncover while researching your program?

In his research to build the student program, Dr. Ellison came across alarming findings about adults in career transition. Statistics reveal that 70 percent of adults are not happy and disengaged in their jobs or careers. In addition, 60 million adults change jobs or careers every year. Forty million change jobs voluntarily and 20 million are laid off or fired. Based on my experience as an NFL player, I also identified careers in which people retire relatively young and need a second career, such as professional sports and the military.

In our research, we found that the existing career-finding methods generally only used personality testing to determine the user’s recommended careers. As a result, they delivered a list of 30 to 50 very diversified, often disparate, careers. These programs also did not provide the user with a process to narrow down their career options to a few, let alone one top career.

Through the process of working with student and adult beta testers, we determined that to truly find the user’s top career, the process must include assessments of his or her personality, aptitude, interests, preferences and natural traits.

How does the PATH2HappiSuccess program work?

The PATH2HappiSuccess program uses a very straight-forward, Web-based, five-step process to narrow the determination to the top two careers. The program is exceptionally precise as it gathers data from the user using proven diagnostic tools, including “16 Personalities” and MAPP aptitude® tests and the Strong Interest Inventory® which identifies personal preferences and natural traits. These tests are combined with Dr. Ellison’s proprietary evaluation process. The analysis portion of the program takes 8–10 hours.

Once they identify their top careers, PATH2HappiSuccess guides them through O*Net Online, the U.S. Department of Labor’s robust career database to gather information on their potential career choices, including educational requirements, salary and long-term outlook. Further research of the top two careers enables the user to learn details so they can determine their top career confidently.

Because the user is making all of the decisions throughout the process, there is a very high probability they will ultimately be part of the 30 percent of American workers who love their jobs.

What Makes the PATH2 Program Different?

The PATH2HappiSuccess program is highly individualized to each user, so it empowers people to find lifelong career success and happiness because its findings are based on what makes them truly unique.

In our research, we came across a very interesting Japanese concept called Ikigai, meaning “A Reason for Being.” This concept has four overlapping circles which must be satisfied for a career to bring happiness and success. These are that you must both Love and be Good at your career, it must be Needed and there must be someone Willing to Pay for it. The PATH2 program is the only process to integrate all of the required factors to help users reach Ikigai.

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