Opportunity Near You: Women student-athletes in Nevada and the cybersecurity pipeline in California

This week, we also found workforce opportunities in Nebraska, Texas, and the U.S. Virgin Islands

WorkingNation shares our latest job pathway finds. Be sure to check them out.

From California: EDSCOOP reports California Polytechnic State University is launching a cybersecurity workforce initiative to create a talent pipeline for careers in the public service and defense sectors.

From Nebraska: Nebraska Examiner reports a workforce program – The Work Lab – has separated from the Greater Omaha Chamber in order to have greater reach beyond Omaha.

From Nevada: News 3 reports a gaming executive is committing $1M to University of Nevada, Las Vegas to support a career development program for women student-athletes.

From Texas: KCEN-TV reports Texas State Technical College has received state funding to give residents in Waco skills for in-demand health care jobs.  

From U.S. Virgin Islands: The U.S. Forest Service announces collaborative projects that focus on  environmental stewardship, education, and cultural heritage

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