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Opportunity Near You: Skilled trades and STEM education

WorkingNation is always looking for workforce pathways around the country

This week, programs in South Dakota and Vermont are sparking students’ interest – and Iowa wants to know what employers think of work-based learning. Take a look.

From Alabama: WBRC reports the workforce development center in Oxford is offering summer classes in commercial carpentry, electrical, or plumbing.

From Iowa: Iowa Workforce Development announces it’s seeking input from employers in a new survey about the use – across the state – of work-based learning programs.

From Kentucky: The Lane Report shares the state is providing $1.6 million in state support to train and develop nearly 5,000 workers across 25 companies.

From South Dakota: South Dakota State University announces it is participating in a project that’s funded by the National Science Foundation to support STEM education for young learners.

From Vermont: Vermont Biz reports that due to labor shortages, construction companies like DEW Construction in Burlington are visiting elementary schools to tell students about possible future careers.

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