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The Jobs That Make Golf Happen

Making a career out of golf, without becoming the next Jordan Spieth

Do you love the game of golf? You could make a career out of it, without becoming the next Jordan Spieth.
Do you love the game of golf? Well, the golf industry spends $55 billion each year employing nearly two million people in a variety of jobs both on and off the green. Golf fans can earn some green of their own designing golf courses, overseeing course grounds, or working as an equipment manager — just to name a few of the many careers in the field.

The summer golf season is in full swing. Professionals and amateurs are playing all over the country. In fact, millions of people golf every year. And it shows!

The sport generates almost $70 billion a year in goods and services while paying $55 billion to the nearly 2 million people working in the golf industry.

That deserves a golf clap.

Sure, most golfers will never get paid millions of dollars like the pros. But for those who love the sport and want to make a career out of it, there are great options available:

  • Landscape Architects: These guys design and construct golf courses. The purse is around $62,000 a year and, like grass is expected to grow by 5 percent by 2024.
  • Golf Course Superintendent: Superintendents oversee the course grounds and buildings. They land over $80,000 a year and typically only require an Associate’s Degree. Even assistant superintendents hit around $41,000 a year.

The best guys work their way up the rankings but even starting off isn’t rough:

  • Assistant Superintendents hit around $41,000 a year.
  • Golf Starters keep the golfers on schedule and their tee times accurate. The payout – $25,000 a year.
  • Every course needs an Equipment Manager. Their average is near $45,000 a year.
  • There are buckets of other jobs including grounds crew, caddies, instructors and service personnel.

Whether your stroke is landing on the green or in the sand, there are many options for a hole-in-one career.

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