Newly-acquired digital skills give students a hiring edge

WorkingNation President Jane Oates has advice for college students via Money

When COVID-19 hit, and college campuses shut down, students had to quickly make adjustments to continue their educations online. The moves were disruptive, but the experience could help prepare  students for their next job interview.

In an interview with Money, WorkingNation president Jane Oates says that students were already pros using their phones to order food or rides, but pivoting to platforms to complete coursework was new to some. She explains that all the new digital-related skills that students have acquired during the pandemic will serve them when they enter the workforce.

Students who moved to remote learning during the pandemic can tell future hiring managers that they not only know how to manage change, but that they can do so in a time of crisis. – Jane Oates, WorkingNation President

Oates says students should highlight their agility and ability to manage in a crisis, “Employers don’t want to hear you learned to bake bread. They want to hear how you improved yourself.”

You can read the full interview with Money here.

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