Mona Dexter on helping veterans find new missions in the civilian workplace

Stakeholders share ideas with WorkingNation Overheard at the NASWA Veterans Conference

“We are definitely making great progress in helping veterans transition from the military into the civilian workforce,” according to Mona Dexter, vice president of military and veteran affairs, Comcast NBCUniversal

“There’s still more work to do, ensuring that veterans are not boxed into only certain types of roles,” she adds.

 WorkingNation sat down with Dexter at the NASWA Veterans Conference in Washington, D.C. 

“Our recruiters go through specialized training to understand what the various jobs are in the military,“ adds Dexter. She says that training helps Comcast understand some of the challenges veterans and military spouses face as they enter the workforce. 

She says Comcast also offers job assistance to military spouses. “We have a military concierge service that not only works with our veterans but also with military spouses to include transfer assistance.” 

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