Melissa Panzer: How I’m Working to Change the Fate of the American Workforce


When freelance producer Melissa Panzer was first approached with joining the team at WorkingNation, she had no idea what structural unemployment was or the fact that our country was on the brink of a massive job crisis.

After learning all she could about the topic, she saw an opportunity to go beyond the numbers and bring a face to the job problems hardworking people in cities like Indianapolis, Detroit, Los Angeles, and Pittsburgh were dealing with and what opportunities there are to help them.

As WorkingNation’s mission to highlight structural unemployment, the mismatch of skills (otherwise known as the skills gap), and the solutions corporations, local leaders, educators and nonprofits are executing to tackle these issues started to take shape, so did Melissa’s role.

In a feature article on LinkedIn, Executive Producer Melissa Panzer talks about her journey and goals with WorkingNation.

“We must tell the stories of people who are affecting change. By sharing their examples, I believe, we will inspire faith in humanity. If we can do this, and bring the right people together, we can fulfill our mission to change the fate of the workforce. And now my story is part of their story.”

Read about her journey here.

Watch her interview:

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