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Los Angeles Mission College: Empowering single mothers to overcome adversity and pursue dreams

Stories of resilience, hope, and community

Stories of resilience, hope, and community
This documentary shines a spotlight on the remarkable journeys of two single mothers as they navigate the pursuit of education and career aspirations while simultaneously caring for their children. Join us in witnessing the inspiring narratives of these determined women, who find unwavering support through the Los Angeles Mission College community. Discover how Los Angeles Mission College, the CalWORKs program, in collaboration with community partners like Hope Gardens, empowers them to overcome adversity, break barriers, and craft promising futures.
Director: Lara Everly
Producer: Emily Lallouz, Mike Zunic
Cinematographer: Senda Bonnet
Editor: George Freund
Executive Producer: Melissa Panzer, Joan Lynch, Art Bilger

“Los Angeles Mission College: Empowering Single Mothers to Overcome Adversity and Pursue Dreams” is an inspiring documentary that delves into the lives of resilient single mothers who are determinedly pursuing their educational and career aspirations while navigating the intricate balance of motherhood. This heartfelt film sheds light on their unwavering determination, remarkable resilience, and unwavering commitment to their dreams.

The narrative unfolds through the experiences of two remarkable women:

Carissa Vazquez, a Psychology major, is on a journey of self-discovery and academic achievement at Los Angeles Mission College. Her decision to return to education despite daunting statistics and personal challenges underscores her determination to provide a brighter future for herself and her two beautiful children, Nehemiah and Sala.

Janet Sanchez, pursuing a degree in Sociology and Child Development with a specialization in Special Needs, is a shining example of perseverance. Her path has been marked by addiction, homelessness, and struggles, but her unwavering determination to turn her life around for her five children has led her to Los Angeles Mission College through the Hope Gardens program.

This documentary spotlights the profound impact of Los Angeles Mission College, the CalWORKs program, in collaboration with community partners like Hope Gardens, illustrating how these partnerships provide critical support, including childcare assistance and financial aid, allowing these resilient single mothers to pursue their academic dreams.

Ultimately, the film underscores the powerful message that when single mothers succeed in their academic pursuits, their children thrive as well. It emphasizes the program’s core mission of empowering single mothers and enabling them to create brighter futures for their families.

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