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Learning and development leaders can drive agility for the benefit of employees and organizations

Report: LinkedIn Learning releases its 2023 Workplace Learning Report

Agility is constant learning according to the latest Workplace Learning Report from LinkedIn Learning. The report says for individuals, agility can advance career growth for individuals. While agility for organizations, equals the ability to survive and thrive.

Building the agile future finds that learning and development (L&D) leaders can power that agility. L&D is positioned to confront the challenges of skills shortages and economic uncertainty, according to the report.

“To build a resilient and adaptable future, learning leaders are recognizing the need for new, people-centric playbooks. They’re working across HR to build cultures in which everyone has the tools, the career paths, and the skills to succeed.

Employers are still grappling with the upending of their workforces due to the pandemic with 93% of organizations concerned about retaining employees, according to the findings.

Jane Oates served in the U.S. Department of Labor during the Obama Administration.
WorkingNation President Jane Oates. (Photo: Jonathan Barenboim)

“Learning is not just a nice-to-have,” says Jane Oates, WorkingNation president – quoted in the report.

“Building an effective workplace learning operation is about asking each employee what their career aspirations are within a company as a way to retain them.”

Oates also notes, “Every person in HR, regardless of seniority, should be talking about learning with respect to career mobility within their organization.”

The report finds the top four focus areas of L&D for 2023 are:

  • Aligning learning programs to business goals
  • Relevant upskilling of employees – quickly
  • Creating a culture of learning
  • Improving employee retention

Actions recommended for L&D leaders include investing in cross-functional relationships, supporting DEI, and prioritizing their own learning – among others.

Globally, more than 1,500 L&D and HR professionals with L&D responsibilities were surveyed for the 2023 report.

You can read the full report – Building the agile future – here.