Josh Christianson on the use of language in the disability space

Industry leaders discuss business disability inclusion at the 2022 Disability:IN Conference

“Specific to [language and] disability, I think it’s even a larger learning curve or can be because there’s so much diversity within disability,” says Josh Christianson, senior consultant, Wheelhouse Group – which describes itself as “guiding business and technology change.”

WorkingNation sat down with Christianson at 2022 Disability:IN Conference in Dallas.

“One person who is autistic may want to be called an autistic person. Someone may be a person with autism. That’s just the nature of the beast. It’s important to learn the nuance because you’re learning about any given group,” says Christianson.

“Most important is just honoring the person and the group that you’re with. Making sure that however you’re talking to or with or about them is something they feel comfortable with.”

The Wheelhouse Group has two contracts with the DOL Office of Disability Employment Policy. Christianson says much of career background has been in DEI, but not necessarily accessibility. His role at Wheelhouse has expanded his work in that area.

“I’m most interested because I love people. I love trying to set up environments where people can thrive and do their best. I’m encouraged to have an impact,” says Christianson.

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