John Boerstler on providing support to younger veterans

Warrior Community Integration Symposium: Thought leaders discuss support services and initiatives in the workforce for veterans and military spouses

Managing their separations during a pandemic has been a challenge for military members, says John Boerstler, chief veterans experience officer, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. “It was a tremendous challenge for these young men and women who are making that transition from one military installation to a community that they’re trying to return to, rebuild their lives, and find a jobs,” he says.

WorkingNation sat down with Boerstler in Atlanta at the Warrior Community Integration Symposium – an annual convening of veteran-serving organizations hosted by America’s Warrior Partnership.

Boerstler says his office is working on ways to make that transition to civilian life easier, particularly for returning Generation Z veterans. He notes, “We’re thinking about digital and mobile experience prototypes to make sure that we can catch them further upstream – from that transition point and get them engaged and enrolled in our programs.”

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