Job creation: Keeping workspaces and public places safe and clean

FBN: WorkingNation President Jane Oates on budget impact on OSHA hiring

Around the country, as many as 50 percent of the existing businesses are considered essential and are remaining open during the COVID-19 shutdown. For most states, these are hospitals, banks, grocery stores, and restaurants, but can include certain manufacturing plants and construction sites.

In each case, employee safety is paramount. Keeping the workspace clean is important. And this has created new jobs for cleaners, occupational health professionals, and even “social distance ambassadors.”

Amazon told Fox Business News that it is increasing the size of all its cleaning team. Lowe’s say it is hiring people to direct “customer flow”and make sure they are adhering to social distance requirements.

Jane Oates headshot
Jane Oates, WorkingNation President (Photo: Jonathan Barenboim)

WorkingNation president Jane Oates also spoke with Fox Business News about the new job creation and how “state and local officials across the country are trying to retain existing safety workers, even as they struggle with tight budgets.”

“‘At the state level, where there might be some interest in improving worker safety, I think budgets will dictate their ability to retain or increase state [Occupation Health and Safety Administration] jobs,’ Jane Oates, president of WorkingNation told FOX Business.”

You can read the full story, on the Fox Business News website.