Joan Lynch on ‘Work In Sports’ podcast: Tell the story of the worker

Listen to WorkingNation's Joan Lynch on the Work In Sports podcast with host Brian Clapp. Joan talks about the future of sports employment.
Joan Lynch Work in Sports podcast graphic

WorkingNation’s Chief Content and Programming Officer Joan Lynch joined Work In Sports podcast host Brian Clapp and spoke about our mission, the future of work in the sports industry.

Joan talks about the importance of giving context to the unemployment numbers and telling the story of the worker. “What I found most interesting,” Joan says, “is going throughout the rest of the country and talking to people (about the jobs numbers) who are saying ‘that is not representative of my life.”

She makes her passion for retraining the workforce clear and also highlights the most important trait, or soft skill, a worker can have to be successful in the work environment of the future.

Listen to the full interview here: Joan Lynch: The Future of Sports Employment