“I think the stat for neurodivergence is one in every seven human beings are neurodivergent, and that’s just so much of human population,” says Jhillika Kumar, CEO and co-founder, Mentra.

“Employers realize they’re missing out if they’re not able to change their ways of thinking to be more empathetic, considerate, and inclusive of this whole, highly capable, and overlooked talent pool.”

WorkingNation sat down with Kumar at the2023 Disability:IN Conference in Orlando.

Kumar – who calls herself an ‘AuDHDer’ as a person with ADHD on the autism spectrum and has a nonspeaking autistic brother – says, “On the employer front, we see that there is a whole generation of folks that are silent quitting. There are folks facing mental health challenges in the workplace. There are people with disabilities, neurodivergence that are excluded from the hiring process. And at the same time, there’s this $1 trillion turnover problem.”

“So companies are realizing that the system that is in place today just does not work for this population and realize that we have to sort of dismantle that and rebuild it from the ground up to include this population.

Companies seeking employees post jobs their openings on Mentra. Currently, Mentra has 30,000 job seekers using the platform to find work with neuroinclusive companies. Industries that are on the platform include finance, insurance, health care, and tech companies.

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