Indianapolis: Growing talent, growing the middle class

The Map to the Middle examines pathways to good jobs and careers in Indianapolis

The way we work has changed dramatically over the past decades due to evolutions in technology, increasing globalization, and, now, a health pandemic that has led to an unemployment crisis. These factors have thrown roadblocks into the road to the middle class for many Americans.

What does the middle class look like today? How do we create new pathways to good jobs and careers? Where do jobseekers find the help they need to gain the skills that employers are looking for now in an employee?

These are questions being asked all over the country. Looking for answers, WorkingNation turns its attention first to Indianapolis.

Like many midwestern towns and cities, Indiana’s capital city of nearly 850,000 has long relied on manufacturing to fuel the economy and provide good-paying jobs for its workforce. Those traditional manufacturing jobs have been disappearing, being replaced by jobs requiring new kinds of skills.

In this new WorkingNation special, Map to the Middle: Indianapolis, broadcast in Indianapolis on CBS4, WorkingNation talks with local and state leaders, business leaders, and educators about how they are working together to ensure that the city’s residents – young and old – jobseekers can find their own pathway to the middle class.

‘Map to the Middle: Indianapolis’ explores Indy’s changing workforce

INDIANAPOLIS – The workforce has changed considerably in recent years-and that’s had an impact on Indianapolis and its middle class. CBS4 and WorkingNation explore how the Circle City went from a manufacturing town to the city it has become in our special, “Map to the Middle: Indianapolis.”

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