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The Perks of Hiring a Gamer

Acquiring job skills through gameplay

Believe it or not, video game enthusiasts may be acquiring certain advantages in the workforce via their gameplay, like the ability to lead a team. Gamers are forward thinking, strategic, and have the ability to not only learn from past mistakes but also think on the fly. Gameplay also encourages abstract thinking, problem-solving, and memory retention.

Why should you hire a gamer?

Well, gamers are typically forward thinkers and strategic planners. Real time strategy games can promote our ability to think on the fly and learn from past mistakes.

Gamers are also smart and creative. Game play helps with improved memory, solving puzzles, and abstract thinking.

And successful gamers can be leaders. Gamers utilize skills they’ve developed to mobilize people, inspire, synchronize schedules, and resolve conflicts.

Those are valuable skills that can help land a good job and develop a gamer into an excellent member of any team.

Have a job to fill? Hire a gamer.

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