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Harmonious Dreams: Empowering Single Moms at Miami-Dade College

Achieving success in education and parenthood

Achieving success in education and parenthood
This film highlights the extraordinary journeys of two single mothers pursuing education and career aspirations while raising their children. Follow their inspiring stories as Mission North Star, a program at Miami-Dade College, provides essential support, enabling these resilient women to overcome challenges and create brighter futures.
Director: Lara Everly
Producer: Emily Lallouz, Mike Zunic
Cinematographer: Senda Bonnet
Editor: George Freund
Executive Producer: Melissa Panzer, Joan Lynch, Art Bilger

“Harmonious Dreams: Empowering Single Moms at Miami-Dade College” is a heartfelt documentary centered around the determined single mothers who are passionately pursuing their educational and career goals while balancing the responsibilities of motherhood. The film showcases their unwavering spirit, resilience, and dedication.

The narrative revolves around Tiara Hall, a returning student striving for early childhood education, and Ali, her seven-year-old daughter. Tiara’s decision to return to college after a decade is driven by her determination to provide a better future for Ali. This film explores the challenges she faces as a single parent and her journey towards academic success with the invaluable support of Mission North Star.

Guadalupe “Lupe” Justiniani, an international student hailing from Peru, shares her poignant journey of leaving her son behind in pursuit of her dream to study music performance at Miami-Dade College. The film captures her struggles with language barriers, homesickness, and legal issues as she strives to reunite with her child.

Throughout the documentary, Mission North Star shines as a beacon of hope for these single mothers, offering a comprehensive range of assistance, including academic support, childcare assistance, housing resources, and mental health services. The program’s dedicated staff, led by Stephanie Silva, provide unwavering guidance and motivation, ensuring these single moms stay on the path to graduation.

The documentary underscores that when single moms succeed, their children thrive as well, emphasizing the program’s focus on empowering single mothers and enabling them to create brighter futures for their families.

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