Green Jobs Now

While Louisiana remains a key producer of oil and gas, the state is also poised to lead the way on clean energy. Emsi Burning Glass estimates there are currently 462,580 Louisiana workers who have the skills and occupations needed by the green workforce to address both the climate change issues in the state, particularly along the coastline, and to mitigate a dwindling supply of clean groundwater.
‘The risks posed by climate change to the people of Louisiana are high’
By Ramona Schindelheim
February 11, 2022
Hosted By Jay Tipton
February 11, 2022
On this week’s episode of Work Green, Earn Green, host Jay Tipton sets sail to Louisiana, where he discovers that the very same waters that have helped blessed the state’s fishing and shipping industries are also cause for serious concern. From coastal erosion and groundwater contamination to disaster recovery, Jay explores the green jobs that are contributing to the state’s resiliency.
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February 11, 2022