Green Jobs Now

Although Indiana is one of the top ten coal-producing states in the nation, its environmental leaders are undeterred by the recent ruling limiting the EPA’s authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions. Both the public and private sectors are continuing to tackle climate change by expanding alternative energy projects, which will call for green jobs across a wide range of industries, including utilities, manufacturing, and professional services.
Green jobs in The Hoosier State are projected to increase by more than 29% over the next five years
By Laura Aka
July 15, 2022
Hosted By Jay Tipton
November 8, 2022
To close out his cross-country road trip, Jay returns to his home state of Indiana to see what happens when his two biggest passions collide: sustainability and sports!
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Produced By WorkingNation Editorial Team
March 18, 2022
Reinventing plastics with sustainability in mind.

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