The Future of Work Grand Challenge

The FOWGC encourages innovation in training using new techniques that lead to a family-sustaining career

The public workforce system is made up of more than 550 job centers across the U.S. where workers can build skills for a rapidly-changing economy. But if that system isn’t connected to innovators, there is a missed opportunity for workers, employers, and the country.

New Profit set up The Future of Work Grand Challenge (FOWGC) to bridge the traditional workforce development system with new players, bringing together the best of both worlds to help workers and learners, particularly those who have historically been left behind.

The FOWGC encourages innovation in workforce training using new techniques utilized through global training providers to accelerate the time in training and placement in quality, family-sustaining jobs.  

New technologies like VR and AI offer excellent opportunities to engage and prepare learners for the hands on or clinical experience and in some situations may reduce the time needed in real labs or totally eliminate it.

Workforce development partnerships are local and continue to be the backbone of the system but there may be real merit in bringing outside innovation to inform local action.

Watch this WorkingNation video to find out more about the program.