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Life Cycle of Asparagus

The jobs behind the supply chain that ensure our food delivery system runs smoothly

Supply Chain: Life Cycle of Asparagus highlights the key workers who make our food delivery system run smoothly
A look at the intricate process of the food supply system from farm to table, something so many of us take for granted

Do you ever wonder how your favorite foods make it to your local grocery store? Who is responsible for ensuring the safe, secure, and on-time delivery of our produce? How do stores make sure there’s enough food stocked on their shelves?

In the simplest terms, a supply chain is a process that ensures a product or service is available to a consumer. Supply chains involve many steps from inception to distribution to sale, and are often vulnerable to disruptions such as natural disasters and major events like the COVID-19 pandemic.

To better understand the skills and background required to work in this field, we chose to highlight a simple fresh produce item—asparagus. We spoke with key workers from every step along the way, including a farmer, a packing/shipping manager, a wholesaler, a grocer, and a retail analytics consultant.

Are you passionate about a particular product or service? Have a knack for logistics or technology? Can you problem-solve or work under strict deadlines?

Supply Chain: Life Cycle of Asparagus could open your mind to new career paths. And we bet your next trip to the grocery store (or job search) won’t be the same!

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