Female Workers Gaps

Five facts about older women in the labor market

Many older female workers still face barriers to entry into the workforce, despite post-pandemic hiring gains

“Older women have made significant recoveries from their disproportionate labor force declines due to the pandemic and will become a larger share of the labor force in the coming decade, but there are many women in this age group who face barriers to enter and stay in the labor force.”

That’s the conclusion from new analysis of data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the U.S. Census Bureau, conducted by the Center for American Progress.

Here are the five facts highlighted in the report:

  • Over the past two decades, older women have become a large and growing share of the labor force
  • Older women’s labor market engagement suffered during the pandemic but is recovering thanks to Biden administration policies
  • Workforce projections point to continued growth in older women’s employment
  • Despite employment gains, older women experience larger gender wage gaps
  • Older women face unique challenges in maintaining labor force attachment

You can get more details of their analysis here: Five Facts About Older Women in the Labor Market.

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