Finding a good tech job outside of Silicon Valley

Virtual hiring fair for jobs in Pittsburgh coming May 21

Over the last few years, we’ve seen more and more tech companies setting up shop in communities outside of Silicon Valley. And even in these uncertain times, there are companies in many of these new tech hub cities still hiring.

A virtual hiring fair for tech jobs in Pittsburgh caught the attention of the Future of Work Blog this morning.

One America Works says its mission is to “connect fast-growing companies with future-focused cities to help create new economic opportunities.”  The company invests in start-ups in cities outside the tech hubs around San Francisco and Boston to foster overall national economic growth and revitalize local economies.

On May 21, One America Works is hosting the virtual job fair for tech jobs at start-ups developing products and platforms in A.I., e-commerce, space, robotics, critical infrastructure, and other industries.

They’re looking for homegrown talent, as well as hoping to lure some experienced workers who might have been laid off in the Bay Area.

Patrick McKenna, One America Works advisor (Photo: HighRidge Ventures)

“Recently laid off Silicon Valley workers are looking outside the Bay Area for their next opportunities,” One America Works advisor and HighRidge Venture Partners founder Patrick McKenna tells WorkingNation. “Tech hubs cities like Pittsburgh have companies that are still hiring creating a unique opportunity for people to make a move and companies to find talent they need to grow their businesses”

One America Works says Pittsburgh is a great environment for both jobseekers and businesses. And McKenna says it is just the first of several cities in which they’ll be hosting virtual tech job fairs.

Columbus, Indianapolis, and Nashville are coming up soon. Information on those fairs will be updated at One America Works as it is available.