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Utility Field Opportunities

Essential services, including the maintenance and running of the country’s utility infrastructure, need good workers

Essential services, including the maintenance and running of the country’s utility infrastructure need good workers now.
A look at the need for utility field workers and why companies are especially interested in hiring veterans

Essential service is a phrase that has become very familiar during the COVID-19 pandemic. One of those services is the maintenance and running of the country’s utility infrastructure.

James Simpson, Manager of Military Talent Acquisition for Pike, says, “The company is a family of companies in the utility, construction, and maintenance industry, as well as engineering.” Simpson notes the utility field is currently a growing industry.

He says, “As the older workforce ages out, there’s been a gap of a couple generations coming into the field. There’s a lot of openings coming up and the best way to fill those is to get into the industry now at the entry-level.”

Simpson says veterans are great hires for the utility company. He says people with military experience are ready to work, and understand the hierarchy, even if they don’t yet have the infrastructure knowledge.

“Pike is considered an essential business because we’re maintaining the electrical infrastructure for the nation. We’re one of the biggest electrical constructors in the Southeastern United States,” Simpson adds. 

“It’s important to remain fully staffed during a pandemic like this, because without crews to maintain and repair the infrastructure, our electricity could be potentially turned off until further notice.”

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