Listen to Art Bilger, WorkingNation founder and CEO, on the Harvard Business School podcast

"Employers should be the leader" in solving the skills gap puzzle

For the past three years, WorkingNation has been telling the stories of solutions to the jobs skills gaps caused by accelerating changes in technology. We’ve looked at how educators, business leaders, nonprofits, and civic leaders are working to help train and upskill workers to ensure they have the tools they need to find a good job now and in the future.

In the latest episode of the Harvard Business School’s Managing the Future of Work podcast, WorkingNation Founder and CEO Art Bilger explains to host and HBS professor Joe Fuller why he believes “employers should be the leader” in the effort.

“One, they’ve got the greatest visibility. They just have to look within their own four walls. Two, they’ve got the greatest need because if they want to be still in business five years from now, they’d better understand how the changes are going to take place. Three, they also have the greatest resources to throw at it, not just financial resources, but human resources.”

Bilger points out that businesses can’t do it alone. Solutions at a local level involve collaboration between the employers, academic entities, and local government to create programs and initiatives that serve that community.

You can learn more about programs that are working, the WorkingNation mission, and its earliest beginnings in the Managing the Future of Work podcast, which is available here, or wherever you get your podcasts.