Ellen Weinreb on engaging the workforce in sustainability

WorkingNation interviews leaders in sustainability at the GreenBiz 20 Conference in Arizona as part of our #WorkingNationOverheard campaign.

Ellen Weinreb has 23 years of experience working in ESG, CSR, and sustainability, with deep expertise helping leading global companies find the best professionals to fill environmental, social, and governance roles in nearly every business function.

“Sustainability doesn’t just live within the sustainability function,” Ellen advises, “sustainability lives within the entire workforce of a corporation.”

Tapping into her vast global network of experienced sustainability leaders and rising stars, Ellen works one on one with clients from the recruitment stage to placement and beyond to ensure the best fit.

Ellen’s passion for corporate responsibility dates back well before sustainability was a buzzword. In 2005, she founded Weinreb Group Sustainability Recruiting, an executive search firm pioneering the field of corporate sustainability recruiting.

Today, Ellen places talent for companies in all parts of the world from her offices in the U.S. and Asia.

Fun Fact: Ellen is a regular contributor to Forbes and The Huffington Post, and she writes the “Talent Show” column for GreenBiz.

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