Ebony Pope on employers looking for hires beyond the familiar

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Ebony Pope, a principal at Rethink Education a venture capital firm focused on innovation in education technology, says the broader population must have access and opportunity related to future work.

Pope says, “Rethink Education is helping people to reach their full human potential and empowering learners with the skills and the training that they need to be able to enter the workforce and whatever pathway that they want to be able to explore.”

Pope says hiring needs to expand beyond what has been familiar. “Employers can level the playing field by widening the criteria for screening candidates beyond pedigree and bachelor’s degrees to include skills-based assessments and other proxies of knowledge.”

WorkingNation interviewed Pope for #WorkingNationOverheard as a media partner with the JFF Horizons 2020 conference. You can watch all the interviews on our YouTube channel.

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